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Physical Aspect of the Hypnotherapist

As delineated by Rosen, a hypnotherapist is a guide that leads a patient on an inner journey or search through and amid the unconscious mind. The objective of this search is intrapsychic change in which some dysfunctional aspect of the mind is assisted toward movement in the direction of remediation or healing.

The physical aspect of the hypnotherapist as therapist is his voice. It is the voice of the hypnotherapist that not only leads the client down the road of this inner journey but also builds the road itself in the since that patients are told where to go and how to get there. In addition, the hypnotherapist uses his voice to stay in contact with the patient no matter how deep into the unconscious the patient goes.

As used by Erickson, the voice of the hypnotherapist can even become part of what is discovered within. For example, Erickson tells one client:

And I want you to choose some time in the past when you were a very, very little girl. and my voice will go with you. And my voice will change into that of your parents, your neighbors, your friends...

Thus, the key physical element used to effect therapeutic change in hypnotherapy is the voice of the hypnotherapist. This voice shines a light on the inner and usually hidden self.

Further, the voice helps to build the path which patients walk toward this self and even becomes part of the elements which the patient meets as he or she walks along the path. This is what is meant by the title, "My Voice Will Go With You."

2) What is a "teaching tale?" What, other than the obvious emulation of technique, can the practicing hypnotherapist utilize from these stories?

A teaching tale consists of a story containing components and elements that assist people toward the objective of thinking and behaving in a manner conducive to the resolution of his problems. Teaching tales can help hypnotherapists on both a personal and professional level.

With respect to...

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