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Profile of Mobil Corp.

Mobil Corp. is the second largest oil company in the United States, and the sixth largest company of any kind in the country.1 A commonsize balance sheet for the company is presented in Exhibit 1, which may be found beginning below on this page, and a financial ratio analysis summary for the firm is presented in Exhibit 2, which may be found beginning on the following page.

CommonSize Balance Sheet: Mobil 1990


Cash and Marketable Securities 2.8%

Notes and Accounts Receivable 10.9%

Inventories 12.8%

Other Current Assets 1.5%  Total Current Assets 27.7%

Investments and Advances 9.9%

Property, Plant, and Equipment 60.6%

Other LongTerm Assets 1.8% Total Assets 100.0% ======Liabilities:

Current 26.5%

LongTerm Debt 17.2%[exhibit continued on the following page]

1Fortune Magazine, "The Top 500 Industrial Companies," Fortune, 23 April 1990, 1156.

[exhibit continued from the preceding page]

Other LongTerm Liabilities 15.5%  Total Liabilities ...

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