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Pro/Con Arguments of Government Abortion Funding

The issue of abortion is one of the most divisive social and political issue in America today. There are two opposing armies of dedicated true-believers, one opposing abortion under any circumstances because they view it as the murder of an unborn child, and the other upholding the idea of choice as an absolute allowing the woman to secure an abortion without hindrance at any point in her pregnancy.

It is hypothesized that the federal government should not fund abortions.

The basic argument of the pro-choice side is that the fetus is not yet a person with interests and rights to be protected. Opponents of abortion deal with the question primarily in religious terms, while proponents rely upon more legal arguments. The pro-choice movement defines itself by its selection of a name -- it is pro-choice, and it is the choice of the woman that is seen as paramount by the pro-choice movement. The argument rests on two essential assumptions. The first is that the fetus is not a human being. The second assumption is that only the woman can make the choice because it is her body, thus eliminating any possible governmental interference in this decision. The pro-choice movement also calls for the protection of the rights of the mother. Thus, government intervention either assisting or depriving a women of the right to having an abortion is essentially contrary to the pro-choice position.

The pro-life position opposes government funding of abortions as it opposes abortion itself. Opponents of abortion contend that the fetus is a human life. Some hold that the fetus is a human being from the moment of conception, while others believe that the fetus is only a potential human life but is still qualified for certain rights and protections (Dworkin, 1993). Some believe the fetus should be given constitutional protection as a human being, and one professor holds that the interests of the fetus can already be protected because the ...

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