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Impact of the Death of a Spouse

The objective of this research is to consider the manner in which the death of a spouse affects the surviving spouse, how people cope with the strain, and what sorts of services and professionals are available to help them through this difficult time. Various theorists have noted that there are stages of grief, and research has shown that these stages can be found not only in a situation where the spouse has died but also in situations where the spouse is facing death or otherwise triggers a grieving process and a sense of loss, as happens with older couples when one partner has Alzheimer's and is thus being effectively taken away without actually dying. Everyone will have to experience this sense of loss someday. For most people, if they are the surviving spouse, the death of a spouse will be a particularly traumatic event. It is beneficial for them to understand the nature of their feelings before this occurs and to understand how long the process takes, what the stages of the process will be, how others have managed to cope with the situation, and what they might do to make the trauma easier in their own case. It is proposed that the death of a spouse is a particularly traumatic event for the surviving spouse and that it can be especially unsettling for the older population as the surviving spouse comes to feel more and more alone as the survivor of another time as well as a marriage. The research will consider relevant literature on the topic and also will consist of interviews with several older people who have experienced this problem in their own lives and who now gather at a senior center to be with others their own age, others who have had much the same experience and who can now help with their own transition.

One of the more influential works on the subject of death and dying is that of Elisabeth Knbler-Ross. Her thesis is that when people are forced to face death either in terms of coming to grips with the deat...

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