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Cable television movie "Romero"

The cable television movie Romero tells the true story of Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador, a church leader who at first was reluctant to become embroiled in the political battles of his time but who eventually became a leader in the search for justice for the lower classes in that country, a role that would lead to his death at the hands of the military. The film raises a number of difficult ethical issues, and one of the key ones relates to an argument that has been taking place in South America in particular for some time over the importance of and value of liberation theology, or revolution through the intercession of Catholic church leaders.

This issue is not a simple one, though it might seem so on the surface. Even in a democratic nation like the United States, the political involvement of clergy from any denomination or level of church activity raises questions and challenges from those who believe the Church should attend to spiritual matters and leave the political battles to secular leaders. Of course, the United States has a long-standing policy concerning separation of church and state that does not prevail in other countries, and Latin American nations in particular have long been essentially Catholic in nature and have looked to the Catholic Church for leadership and guidance. Liberation theology is different in that it entails a direct challenge to secular authority and an appeal for justice.

In Romero, these issues become even more relevant and more complex given the fact that certain of the leaders in the Church hierarchy actively serve the ruling power structure, offering it support, and using their influence to prevent the Church as an entity from causing trouble of any sort for civilian leaders. In the beginning of the film, Romero is made an archbishop, and in part he is selected precisely because others believe he will not "make waves." They are more interested in seeing to it that the Church...

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