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Purposes of Advertising & the Global Market

Advertising is a critical component of any marketing program. Some products rely on simple word-of-mouth advertising, other products are supported by multi-million dollar campaigns that build image, position the brand and provide information. In today's global economy, there is increased pressure on even medium-sized businesses to market their products internationally. Such marketing requires advertising support, but brings with it additional problems for the marketing manager. This research addresses the purposes of advertising regardless of its geographic reach, how companies can determine if their products can or should cross international borders, and the issues that confront advertising and marketing managers who decide to take their market to the global marketplace.

Advertising can support a product in several ways. When a product is first introduced to the market, advertising serves to provide information and an image. As the product becomes more accepted, advertising can be used to build brand loyalty and keep the product positioned where the manufacturer wants. During the later stages of the product life cycle, advertising can help develop new uses and hence new markets for the product.

The successful creation of an image and brand positioning is critical to the long-term viability of products. When a product is sold in a single market, the two goals can be developed simultaneously. American beer manufacturers have been particularly successful at building images associated with their product that are largely independent of the product itself. At the same time, the manufacturers have not been as successful at building brand loyalty by successfully differentiating one brand from the next. A notable exception to this is the Rocky Mountain image that accompanied the rise of the Coors brand. Coors successfully marketed the image of the rugged outdoors and built an image of independence and "Rocky Mountain Spring ...

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