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Age Discrimination Applied to Faculty

This essay discusses the age discrimination and its application to faculty. A description of the issue, discussion of opinions related to this issue, analysis of relevant case law (Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), implications for leaders in higher education, and conclusion are presented.

The issue for this discussion involves a female teacher member, aged 59 years, who was denied employment at a local college. The individual had an employment history, which included teaching at other colleges. She also had previously published articles in peer review journals related to research conducted in previous educational positions. She had references supporting her ability to teach and the skills needed for the advertised position. She had been out of work for ten years due to her husband's illness and need for her ongoing care. Since her husband passed away, she sought to renew her employment. The college failed to provide her with an adequate explanation of why she was denied employment. In addition, she was asked her age during an interview. Since this individual was convinced that this denial was due to age discrimination, she contacted the director about filing a complaint. The burden of proof that an age distinction has taken place and resulted in employment denial, is on the recipient of Federal financial assistance, in this case the college.

The recipient of federal financial assistance must provide a published grievance procedure and a contact person responsible for handling behaviors that are in violation of the Age Discrimination Act ((U.S. Department of Education, 2005). In this case the individual alleging age discrimination was led to the employee designated to handle the maintenance of Act and regulations and grievances related to violations of the Act or regulations.

The complaint was met with initial reactions that the individual must be mistaken since it is not the policy of the school ...

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