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Immigration Issue in the U.S.

The suggested hypothesis for the investigation of American public opinion on immigration is as follows:

Support for decreased levels of immigration to the United States is greater among:

a. Persons who persons who identify themselves are conservative than among persons who describe themselves as liberal.

b. Persons who are in non-supervisory work positions than among persons who are in managerial work positions.

c. Persons who feel that American values are deteriorating than among persons who feel that American values are strong.

d. Persons who oppose free trade in the global economy than among people who support free trade.

Six sources related to immigration policy in the United States are annotated. These sources cover positions that both support and oppose freer immigration to the United States.

Abdel-Monem, T. (2003, Summer). Foreign nationals in the United States witness security program: A remedy for every wrong? American Criminal Law Review, 40(3), 1235-1269.

Abdel-Monem discusses the use of immigration status by federal law enforcement agencies as a tool to attain their own short-term objectives. He points out that granting preferred immigration status to persons who other would not qualify for such status undermines goals of immigration policy. The practice to which he prefers is granting preferential immigration status to foreign nationals in the United States who are willing to act as witnesses in criminal trials against other foreign nationals.

Anderson, G. M. (2003, November 24). La Esperanza. America, 189(17), 19-22.

Anderson argues that increased immigration to the United States should be permitted. The argument is that the nation and many major employers in the United States actively encourage foreign workers to enter the United States illegally to provide a pool of lower cost labor. Then, when family members join these illegal immigrant workers, they are harassed by police agen


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