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Huntington National Bank Diversity Program


Given the increasing diversity of the workforce from which Huntington National draws its employees, and the increasing diversity of potential customers, it is in the best interest of Huntington National Bank to implement a diversity program that focuses both on internal├╣employees├╣and external stakeholders. Training is an integral part of both the internal and external program, including training employees regarding discrimination and how to avoid it, and in attracting and retaining diverse customers to the bank. The human resource department will be involved in making sure that training also addresses new recruiting and retention practices, including specific training to ensure that diverse individuals are eligible for management promotions. The sales and marketing department will be involved in developing new products and new ways of reaching customers to emphasize greater diversity among the customer base, as well. Diversity among customers and employees should be a long-term goal of the organization that relies on customer and employee feedback in order to maintain its focus and quality.

Creating a diversity program at Huntington National Bank is not only protects the bank from potential lawsuits, it can enhance employee morale, bring increased creativity and productivity to the workplace, and bring additional customers into the bank, as well. The proposed diversity program centers on diversity training for employees, but also creates an environment in which diverse customers become the focus of marketing programs and potentially new product offerings.

Changing demographics in the American workplace in the latter half of the twentieth century have made diversity a way of life for most organizations. Employees are no longer primarily white males; instead, employees include large numbers of women and non-white employees who come from a cross-section of the American popul...

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