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Managerial Values Profile Assessment


The results of the scoring of the Managerial Values Profile (MVP) indicated that my managerial values are concentrated in the "Moral Rights" and "Justice" components, as opposed to the "Utilitarian" component. By far, the greatest source of my managerial values lie in my belief in moral rights, although my sense of justice also has a strong influence on my managerial values.

The ethical system of natural law holds that actions are ethically correct when they are in accord with the end purpose of human nature and human goals. Thus, the "do good and avoid evil" maxim of natural law ethics encompasses the ethical principles of beneficence and nonmaleficence. Even within the system of natural law ethics, however, conflicts may arise in decision-making because a theist will conceive human nature and human goals in one way, while a non theist may conceive of those concepts in a quite different way. Nevertheless, it is apparent to me that my affinity for the ethical system of natural law has caused my MVP to be weighted toward the concept of justice.

The ethical system of deontology focuses on universal statements of right and wrong, concerning the duties and rights of individuals. The most telling criticism of deontology is that exceptions to universal statements can almost always be found. Some deontologists have dealt with the problem by suggesting that there are prima facie universals that allow exceptions in certain situations. Thus, while we may believe the universal statement, "It is wrong to lie," a little thought should produce instances where lying can prevent major harm for an individual or society. To deal adequately with these necessary exceptions, the burden of proof is shifted to the individual who breaks the universal, and anyone who does so must be prepared to justify his or her action.

Deontology is a system of ethics based on the tenets that (1) a set of moral rules e...

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