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AmericanStrategic Thinking Style

Numerous reasons can be given for the success or failure of any particular organization. Unquestionably, an organization's management plays a critical role in its success or failure. 1 An analogy used most often among American companies is that a business is like a ship: if there's no skipper in charge, the ship will lose its course and might even sink if not steered clear of obstacles. As a result, successful American managers, like mariners, generally possess the skills necessary to be successful in the rough and tumble corporate world.2 Strategic Thinking has been defined in many ways --- and even today in America, there is no universally accepted definition. One often used is "getting things done through others". Another popular definition holds that StrategicThinking is the efficient utilization of resources.

Generally, however, Strategic Thinking is a form of work that involves guiding or directing a group of people toward organizational goals or objectives. But even today, with business's reliance on knowledge and information, this definition is changing, requiring executives to learn how to manage situations in which they do not have command authority; where they are neither controlled or controlling. 3 This new, changing form of strategic thinking will be explained in this paper. It is critical at this point to understand what kinds of companies exist in America. There are three basic kinds of business organization available to an American entrepreneur. He can go into business as a sole proprietor, or as part of a partnership, or he can form a corporation. 4

The typical strategic pattern is for an entrepreneur to start a business as a sole proprietorship and then convert to another form. This organization basis is economical rather than formal. To form a sole proprietorship, there are from $50 to $200 in licenses and startup fees. The downside of this situation is that all revenues must appear on the individ...

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