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Motion Picture Marketing

Marketing activities are a critical part of a company's strategic plan. A company may have an outstanding product, but if it is unable to communicate that to the market, it is not likely to be successful. While the common interpretation of marketing is advertising, additional components, including the product itself, pricing strategy and distribution, are also a critical part of the marketing mix. When developing a marketing plan, companies must take into account their target market and the best way to reach that market as well as the characteristics that will make the product appeal to the market. This is a difficult activity for companies engaged in traditional manufacturing, but such companies generally have similar target markets across their product lines. The motion picture industry is unique in that each new product (film) may have an entirely different target market than the previous one, and the life cycle for films is remarkably short. This research considers motion picture marketing, including the techniques and marketing mix that might be used by the marketing team to successfully market their product.

Product planning is what enables a company to firmly determine its opportunities, develop its marketing programs, develop and implement a strong product mix, maintain its successful products and eliminate those that are no longer strong fits to the company's long-term objectives. While many manufacturing companies have many products with long lifecycles, the motion picture industry is characterized by many products with relatively short lifecycles. In the motion picture industry, studios and production companies may focus on producing a particular type of film, or sign an actor to a series of films, in order to build this long-term strategy. Thus Disney has Walt Disney Pictures, which markets family-oriented films, Touchstone, which makes films with adult themes, and Hollywood Pictures, which moves into action fil...

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