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Customer Targeted Marketing

How does a company strategically change from a traditional marketing approach to customer targeted marketing?

Customer targeted marketing requires that the company refocus itself so that the customer becomes the center of the company's activities rather than the product. Inherent in this approach is a commitment to quality and a commitment to listening to the customer to determine what the market needs are and how the company can meet those needs.

According to the transcendent approach, quality can be associated with innate excellence. It is both absolute and universally recognizable, a mark of uncompromising standards and high achievement. Under the transcendent view, there is an enduring and timeless aspect to quality, an essence that rises above changes in taste or style. The transcendent approach can lead adherents to reject mass production in favor of fine craftsmanship, but more often, those who follow this definition of quality find it to be simple and something that cannot be precisely defined (Garvin, 1998, p. 41).

Product-based quality is precise and measurable, and often found in traditional marketing organizations. Differences in quality therefore reflect differences in the quantity of some ingredient or attribute. Goods can be ranked according to the amount of the desired attribute they possess. Product-based definitions of quality sometimes lead to the implication that durability can be equated with quality. This is because durable goods provide a longer stream of service, so that quality differences could therefore be treated as differences in quantity (Garvin, 1998, p. 42).

User-based definitions of quality are based on the idea that each individual has a different approach to quality, and what one individual perceives as quality is not what another perceives. Goods that satisfy each individual's preference are held to be of high quality for that user. This definition of quality renders the subject...

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