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Job Redesign for an RNFA

Registered nurse first assistants (RFNAs) are educated to collaborate with surgeons and health care team members in performing surgical procedures with optimal outcomes for patients. RNFAs must acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and judgment needed for clinical practice and must function in collaboration with and at the direction of the surgeon during the intraoperative phase of the perioperative experience (Homan & Dunscombe, 2000). In the changing health climate of today, patients need the continuity of care that an RNFA can provide. This brief report will discuss job redesigning strategies for the RNFA in the hospital setting. It will first identify job redesign approaches that could be used for the position and then identify the present components of the RNFA role. Finally, the report will describe two major position components after job redesign and recommend an implementation strategy for redesigning the position.

Perspectives on the design and redesign of work are classified by Ivancevich (1998) into four major categories: 1) the perceptual-motor approach; 2) the biological approach; 3) the mechanistic approach; and 4) the motivational approach. Both the perceptual-motor approach and the biological approach are rooted in human factors engineering and their major focus is on the integration of human and machine systems. They are therefore not applicable with respect to the RNFA.

The two remaining approaches more clearly highlight the potential trade-offs that must be frequently made by organizations. Of the two, the mechanistic approach systematically studies the structure of jobs, breaking them down into simple and repetitive tasks. The motivational approach, in contrast, emphasizes job enrichment that helps incumbents satisfy needs for growth, recognition, and responsibility (Ivancevich, 19998). It is this strategy of job enrichment that will be employed herein.

Currently, the RNFA must presen...

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