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The Gaming Industry & Online Gaming

The gaming industry has long faced challenges in the United States, where the significant revenues to be realized by legitimate business is confronted with the moral outrage exhibited by many traditional American voters. Historically, legalized games of chance where the "house" benefits at the expense of the customer have been limited to certain geographic regions (most notably Nevada and recently Atlantic City), and within other states, to specific types of games or locations (such as riverboat gaming in the midwest or casinos on Native American reservations). The Internet has brought with it a new type of gaming in which customers are able to use their credit cards to purchase chips and gamble from the comfort of their own home. Such online gaming has not escaped notice of the software industry, and new twists on traditional games have been introduced. This research examines the gaming industry in general, investment opportunities, the online gaming industry, and the outlook for online gaming.

The gaming industry in the United States is large by any standard: more than $600 billion in legal casino wagers were placed in 1997; analysts estimate that another $80 billion was wagered illegally. These figures are particularly impressive given the limited access to wagering that most Americans have (these numbers do not include state-run lotteries). Casinos are permitted in approximately only 25 states, and although Native Americans have been successful at introducing casinos on reservation land, many Americans still do not live within 50 miles of casinos. In Japan, where gambling is legal nationwide, more than $300 billion was bet in Pachinko machines alone in 1997 (Freedman, 1998, p. S35).

Casinos work hard to attract customers, and in Las Vegas, one of the most famous and popular gaming destinations in the world, the attractions go well beyond merely providing casinos. In this environment, casinos have built replicas of Ne...

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