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International Bicycling Industry

The bicycle is one of the most universal modes of transportation in the world today. Other than the initial purchase, there are few operating costs associated with it, so it is popular among individuals who need basic transportation but who may lack the requisite finances for an automobile and its upkeep. Unlike public transportation, owners of bicycles do not depend on a pre-set schedule, and they have the freedom to go where they need rather than traveling along a predefined route. But bicycles are also used by many individuals as a form of exercise, as a way of touring, and by children as their only means of transportation. The bicycling industry is a multibillion dollar industry with global participants and global markets. Companies in various countries can be affected not only by demand in other nations, but also by government practices which seek to limit, or control, access to markets for various products. This research examines the international bicycling industry with a particular focus on the all-terrain (mountain) bicycle.

It is estimated that bicycles are the primary mode of transportation for more than one-half the world's population ("World Bikes," 1996, p. 35). Other consumer purchase bicycles for leisure activities, including exercise and racing, while still others purchase the bicycles as basic transportation for their children. The market is international, with the largest bicycle markets based in the United States and Asia. In recent years, the mountain bicycle has become the American bicycle of choice because of the comfort of its ride and its ease of handling; children's bicycles often center around the BMX race bike, which can be used outside of competition, as well. Basic transportation bicycles can be purchased at discount stores in the United States for approximately $100, but highly specialized competition bikes, including mountain bikes, can run into the thousands of dollars.

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