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PowerPoint Presentation of Online Learning

The following is a PowerPoint presentation of a higher education article titles "Online Learning: Constructivism and Conversation as an Approach to Learning" by Allen (2005). The nature of the innovation is presented and this includes an explanation of why it is considered innovative, the needs, issues, or problems prompting the approaches, the strengths and weakness of the approach, and why these are considered examples of innovation excellence and could be used as best practices or for benchmarking processes.

Talk 2 Learn began with pilot project in 2000 with 1200 Talking Heads (head teachers)

Developed by Ultralab and turned over to National College by 2003 for daily running

Funded by Department for Education and Skills

An online community extended to all headteachers, aspiring headteachers, school leaders, and school bursars

Memberships range from 24,000 plus to communities of up to five members

Software based on cognitive interactionist thinking (Vygotsky)

Talk 2 Learn is an innovative approach due to the manner in which it is used as a teaching strategy

An emphasis on community groupings increases its usefulness

It provides a Constructivist approach to learning and teaching

Talk 2 Learn can be used for all three types of online courses presented by Boettcher and Conrad (1999)

Talk 2 Learn software can be used to present material with little or no interaction, web-enhanced courses with a hybrid of face-to-face and online, and web-centric with interactive courses conducted at a course site (Boettcher & Conrad, 1999)

Talk 2 Learn can also be used by a grouping of learners that want to discuss an issue, resulting in implicit learning

This program allows for interaction from participants with their environment and community, which enhances learning

This program is considered a useful addition to UK higher education approaches


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