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Pro-Abortion Argument

In the United States, the estimation of "total abortions since 1973 is 38,010,378". (Henshaw, Stanley K., 1994) In India, it is estimated that 6 million plus children (two million females) are aborted annually. This figure is estimated, because they only record abortions performed at government-sanctioned clinics. The difference between the figures within the two countries is that in the United States, abortion is a choice of convenience. In India, it is a choice based on genetic preference -- the pressure to supply a male.

Obviously, there are distinctively different schools of thought created within these countries based on their religious differences and their bioethics. Legally, they are comparable, because the both legalized the abortion choice around the same time (US, 1971 and India, 1972). What I will discuss here are some of the causes that have created the pro-abortion argument: poverty, rhetoric, and science.

First, while morality follows more accepted cultural norms rather than church or state statutes, the separation between rich and poor continues to widen; poverty is thus a contributing factor to the pro-abortion argument. Many will explain that termination of a pregnancy is a choice affording the family opportunities they would not be able to have since they will be able to utilize the monies they would have spent investing in a child's future on a collective 'family future'. One of the leading crusaders for this choice, was the controversial founder of Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger (1920) who stated: "When motherhood becomes the fruit of a deep yearning, not the result of ignorance or accident, its children will become the foundation of a new race."

Second while the law and religion argue about morality and the legalization of abortion, it seems this 'new race' created by the Pro-abortion society will only be able to come through the careful manipulation of the rhetoric adopted by Pro-choice ag...

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