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In the Christian Bible it says: "Vengeance is mine, Sayeth the Lord". "In The Bedroom" is a story of vengeance. It is about how the murder of their son changes toe relationship between two respectable and respected two people. The basic story is simple: The son of a doctor and his wife who teaches in the local school falls in love with a young woman, mother of two young children, separated from her abusive husband. The young man even puts off college (he wants to be an architect). The abusive husband is the son of the town's rich family. The young wife wants nothing more to do with her husband. He wants to get back together. He claims he wants this for the sake of their children. At the same time, the young woman is not thought of kindly by the doctor and his wife. She is obviously "lower class". The parents feel she is keeping their son from reaching his ambition to be an architect. There is a grudging acceptance by the parents, but they don't want this affair to become anything deeper.

The son, who helps out on a fishing boat, is at his girl's home, when her husband threatens to come in. The front door is locked, but the husband forces his way into the house. There is a confrontation between him and the young man. Shots are heard. The young wife, scared and upstairs guarding the children, runs downstairs to see her boyfriend lying dead on the floor. Her husband is holding the smoking gun. At the trial, because of his family's position in the town and because there is no witness to what actually happened, the young husband is given community service- a slap on the wrist. The doctor and his wife are devastated by the lack of punishment. They try in vain to get the prosecutor to file first degree murder charges. The young wife is now out of the picture. The parents of the dead boy want nothing to do with her. They feel she is partly responsible.

Now the relationship between doctor and his wife change. She cannot get...

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