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Marketing Motorcycle Helmets on the Internet

Marketing Motorcycle Helmets on the Internet

The product name is Xian Hua, which is a fiberglass motorcycle helmet manufactured in Taiwan. The import cost for the product is $7.95 US in quantities of 100. The product is new, and has been crash tested in Taiwan and is capable of withstanding 130 pounds of direct pressure and is also capable of withstanding crashes of seventy miles per hour.

When getting ready to market such a product in a nation where there are so many channels from which to choose, it is essential to study the problems that other marketers have faced. The problems connected with marketing the helmet in the United States are believed to be these (Sealey, 1999).

* Keep initial costs as low as possible until there is a toehold, which suggests that there is a strong need for test marketing to learn whether there is a market for our helmets.

* For the sales effort to be effective, there must be an assurance that we can deliver on time. Customers in America, apparently more than anywhere else in the world place a great deal of emphasis on timely delivery (Aggarwal, Cha, Wilemon, 1998).

The general steps involved in marketing any product are:

* Evaluating the product and identifying the customers who are the most likely to purchase it (and how they will use it).

* Analyze the customs, desires and buying habits (as well as the incomes)of regional and other niche markets.

* Discover the best marketing channels for your product.

* Decide on the advertising message and determine the correct media for placing that message.

In addition, many marketing specialists suggest that the pre-market analysis be very specific, in some cases going so far as to doing a S.W.O.T. analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats).

Xian Hua is manufactured by a company that makes numerous products and has a good reputation in export circles.

The helmet is competitively priced, and could...

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