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Mental/Emotional Disorders in Children & Adolescents

This paper looks at the issue of mental and emotional disorders in children and adolescents and the need for counseling in treating such disorders. It uses the second edition of Larry B. Golden's Case Studies in Child and Adolescent Counseling to study some of the principal ways in which problems arise and are treated, especially in short-term treatment sessions. Children and adolescents present a different set of problems from those of adult patients. Because of their age, they are at a different stage of personality development than are adults, and developmental differences must be taken into account in diagnosing and treating them. Also, the families, teachers, and other social systems of which young patients are a part must be included in treatment and are often significant factors in understanding the problem. Finally, while most diagnoses possible with adult patients can also be considered for younger patients, some areas are of particular concern, including the sometimes over-diagnosed attention deficit disorders and suicide ideations, which must always be taken especially seriously by counselors working with younger patients. Children and adolescents present some special concerns for counselors that make them a different challenge from adult patients. This paper considers some of the elements that make them unique.

Mental illness, psychological disorders, psychopathology, and other disturbances of the mind are usually thought of as being adult problems. Children, because they are still in development of adult personalities, are sometimes thought of as incapable of having serious psychological problems. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Nancy K. Dess quotes Judith Rappaport, Chief of Child Psychiatry at the National Institute of Mental Health on the scope of the problem: "Up to 11 percent of children whose parents have no psychiatric diagnosis experience depression, anxiety, autism and so on. Wit...

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