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Issue of Marijuana Legalization

This research examines the issue of marijuana legalization. At present, the use, possession, or sale of marijuana is not legal in any jurisdiction in the United States. The possession of small amounts of the substance for personal use, however, is not treated as a criminal offense in some jurisdictions.

The focus of this research is not the issue of the decriminalization of marijuana, although the significance and relevance of this question is recognized. Rather, the focus of this research is in the issue of the legalization of marijuana for use, possession, and sale as a regulated substance within the context that alcohol and tobacco products are legalized and regulated.

In the midst of a governmental war on drugs in the United States, demands for the legalization of marijuana continue to be made (Schlosser, 1994a, pp. 8494). That such demands continue to be expressed at a time when the seriousness of the drug problem in the United States is not open to question is indicative of the wide divergence of opinion on marijuana legalization that exists in the United States (Clayton and Leukefeld, 1992, pp. 289302).

The marijuana legalization issue has been addressed in both scholarly studies and in the popular press. Yet, the issue of marijuana legalization in the United States is as divisive as ever and is far from being settled. Marijuana: The Source of the Debate

Hemp is a herb that is native to Asia, but which is cultivated throughout Eurasia, North America, and South America. Cannabis sativa are the Latin words used to describe the hemp plant in botanical terms.

The stems of the hemp plant are hollow with a fibrous inner bark. The bark is used for a wide variety of products including rope and cloth. Oil from the seeds of the hemp plant are used in the manufacture of soap and paint. The leaves of the hemp plant are used in the production of marijuana and hashish. The primary psychoactive ingredient in both ...

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