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Gemder Differences & Alcoholism

Men and women participate in many of the same activities and yet have different experiences because of gender differences. Research shows that this is true of excessive drinking as of other actions. This would also suggest that a treatment method might have differential outcomes based on gender, which in turn would suggest that any approach which does not take such differences into account would be less effective for one sex over the other.

The model of deviance has been applied to the use of alcohol and to other behaviors across a number of demographic and cultural dimensions and shows differences between men and women. Osgood, Johnson, O'Malley and Bachman (1988) incorporated three waves of selfreports about heavy alcohol use, marijuana use, use of other illicit drugs, dangerous driving, and other criminal behavior for 717 high school seniors. A stable general involvement in deviance accounted for virtually all association between different types of deviance, but the stability of each behavior could only be explained by equally important and stable specific influences. Findings indicate that theories that treat different deviant behaviors as alternative manifestations of a single general tendency can account for some, but far from all, of the meaningful variance in these behaviors. The only significant influence of one type of deviance on another was that of marihuana use on later use of other illicit drugs (81-93).

Cherry (1991) developed psychosocial scales based on the concept of social bond to measure alcohol use among 307 female and 159 male college seniors. Three scales related to social bond accounted for 81 percent of the variance in current alcohol use. These scales measured Intolerance of Minor Deviance, Perceived Parental Approval of Teenage Drinking, and Drinking Standards. Intolerance of Minor Deviance had the strongest total causal effect on present alcohol use in both the multiple regression and the ...

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