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Discipline-Based Art Education This section of

This section of the review of the literature presents a general overview of Discipline-Based Art Education (DBAE). First, DBAE is defined and its conceptual foundations are briefly examined. This is followed by a few examples of DBAE programs used in the schools.

The next section of the review examines literature related to the advantages and benefits of DBAE programs for students; this is followed by a discussion of literature related to improving DBAE efforts and programs. Finally, the implications of the reviewed material for the development of DBAE programs in Qatar are discussed.

Definition, Examples and Benefits of DBAE Programs

Definition. Black (1996) defines discipline-based art eduction (DBAE) as the integration of art into the curriculum. For example, instead of taking an art class, students in social studies class would receive instruction using art as one method of communicating the discipline-related information.

According to Greer (1992), the philosophical and conceptual foundation of DBAE can be found in the early work of Harry S. Broudy. Broudy lived at a time when aesthetics education was reserved solely for the elite of society; he argued, however, for making art education the right of every citizen.

Greer (1992) states that introducing art as an instructional element of the curriculum of other disciplines does just that; that is, it makes art learning accessible to every student. Moreover, Greer reports that, when DBAE is offered at all levels of the curriculum, it assures that students' learning of art is ongoing.

Examples of DBAE. An example of a DBAE program be seen in the sample lesson plan developed by Laney and Moseley (1995) for using DBAE in the social studies class. The lesson plan combines economics, art history, aesthetics, and art criticism in its "Analysis of a Fresco Depicting Production in an American City." Another example of DBAE is presented by Parsons (1994)...

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