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Multimedia's Role in Art Education Introdu


This paper presents an examination of multimedia's role in art education. The paper begins with a short definition and general discussion of multimedia technology; it then presents a review of literature related to the purposes and uses of these technologies in art education. This review is followed by some examples of multimedia art education programs. The final section discusses the reviewed literature in terms of its implications for multimedia use in art education programs in Qatar.

Definition of Multimedia Technology

According to Anderson (1985) multimedia technology consists, primarily, of the electronic media. Included among electronic media are computers, video recorders, interactive video discs including laser videodiscs, and two-way cable television.

Brouch (1994) states that the 1990s will see ever increasingly sophisticated interactive multimedia technologies leading to widespread employment of virtual reality in both public and educational settings. Regarding education, Brouch reports that the arts (visual, music, drama, dance, and creative writing) are intimately involved with instructional technology's future, and that the arts provide both adult (commercial) creators and contributors to the programs being developed for education. In other words, there is a reciprocal partnership between the arts and multimedia technology in that multimedia is not only employed for the purposes of art education, but also artists and art are used in the developing of multimedia programs in general.

Jacobson (1992) takes the position that CyberArts is the new frontier in multimedia technology and creativity-- calling it the "place where the worlds of science and art meet." Regarding CyberArts, Jacobson (1991) defines it as a place where:

Computer technologies, visual design, music and sound, education and entertainment merge to form the new artistic territory of intera...

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