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Events Surrounding 9/11

In The New Pearl Harbor, Professor David R. Griffin lays out a lot of disturbing facts concerning events surrounding 9/11 which are difficult to reconcile with the official version of the story. Particularly intriguing are the events he documents in Chapter 2 concerning the attack on the Pentagon. One disturbing fact is that although Flight 77 went significantly off course 26 minutes after takeoff, came back on course, lost radio contact 10 minutes later, then the transponder went off, no fighter jets were scrambled (Griffin, 2004, 25). Twenty-nine minutes later, Dulles Airport reported a fast moving plane headed toward the White House, but again, no military jets were scrambled. A few minutes later, radar showed the plane headed for the Pentagon, and still no military jets were scrambled. Yet in the past couple of months, when small aircraft wandered into Washington air apace, military jets were immediately scrambled and escorted them to the ground. It is standard procedure for military jets to be scrambled when unauthorized planes enter Washington airspace. There is no explanation why the Pentagon's own anti-aircraft defense system failed to stop the plane from approaching the building (32).

Next is the question of whether or not Flight 77 actually struck the Pentagon (Griffin, 2004, 28). Evidence provided by photographs taken immediately after the crash, before the front of the building collapsed, show a hole in the building between 15 and 18 feet in diameter (29). There was no damage above or around the hole. There is no evidence in the photos of a plane. Pentagon photos show pictures of the damage indicting the plane penetrated six walls. However, the nose of a Boeing 757 is made of carbon, and would collapse on impact, so would not be able to penetrate far. If this happened, the rest of the plane would be outside the building. There is no evidence of this in the photographs. The wingspan of a Boeing 757 is 12...

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