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Athletic Training Program

Any person aspiring to be a world class athlete will need an adequate training program in order to meet that goal. Not everyone is qualified to endure the training which is required. Only the most dedicated and disciplined athletes will be able to push themselves to the levels of international competition. The first stage in working out an adequate training program is that of creating a schedule. For all sports, it is a good idea to develop this schedule under the guidance of a competent coach or trainer. In addition, it is a good idea to carry out the entire training program under such guidance. A good coach can point to an athlete's mistakes and thereby help eliminate the problems that are holding that athlete back.

Time is a very important consideration in working out a training program. The aspiring athlete must be able to make time in order to follow the schedule that has been developed. Exercises for the development of skills should be performed every single day. In addition, it is recommended that special muscle training be carried out at least two or three times a week. There are various other activities that might make requirements on an athlete's time. These include going over the program schedule with the coach, working on a diet program, working on a mental training program, and visiting a chiropractor on a regular basis. A person who wishes to succeed as a world class athlete must be prepared to make the sacrifices which are necessary in order to meet such a demanding schedule. For example, the training athlete must have "a willingness to limit social events, television, and other forms of recreation" (Gardner, 1985, p. 12).

Money is another important consideration in the development of an effective training program. Possible expenses for the athlete include those which are required for maintaining a coach or personal trainer. For many sports, proper training will also require joining a gym, or othe...

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