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Animal Abuse

Animal abuse in all its forms is important not only because it brings suffering to living creatures, but also because it reflects on the human beings who directly or indirectly participate in such abuse. Whether one condones or condemns animal experimentation, for example, it is clear that it is important to have an open debate on whether such experimentation and the suffering it brings to animals are absolutely necessary. Even if such experimentation is deemed necessary, it is still important that human beings continue to discuss the ethical, psychological, emotional and spiritual impact of the accompanying suffering. Are there reasonable, effective alternatives to such experimentation? Is some experimentation duplicated, bring unnecessary suffering to animals? These are the sorts of questions honest human beings must ask themselves and one another in dealing with issues of animal abuse.

Some areas of abuse seem to be less open to debate than others. Certainly experimentation and the animal-for-food industries are ripe for debate, but in recent years the abuse of animals in the fur industry, for example, has been far more widely rejected. The literature on these questions focuses on both the ethical and practical issues. For example, in the field of experimentation, even supporters of such research for practical reasons (ostensibly to trade increased animal suffering for a reduction in human suffering) must at some point face the ethical question. One such pro-experimentation argument, as Steve Siegel points out, holds that humans "are just a little bit better than animals (and so it's justified to sparingly use them for 'necessary' research)" (60). Whether one agrees with this reasoning, clearly it opens up ethical and semantical cans of worms which must be dealt with. The question of animal abuse, in areas from experimentation to the fur and meat industry to animal rights to wildlife protection, is a question which reflects dir...

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