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The Growth of Disney Animation Walt Disney's in

Walt Disney's ingenuity led to many ideas involving talking mice, flying elephants, and the laughter of children. The history and success of animation involves the contribution of many people and companies. This report, however, will focus on the growth of Disney animation and will highlight some important achievements. Animation has grown tremendously since Walt Disney first created Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Alice Comedies in the early 1920's. Steamboat Willie--the first cartoon to feature synchronized sound--introduced Mickey and Minnie Mouse in 1928. Mickey and Minnie were joined shortly after by other Disney characters, beginning with Pluto in 1930 and Goofy in 1932. With the introduction of Goofy, Disney also became the first to add full color to cartoons. Donald Duck made his debut in 1934 and after five years even surpassed Mickey in popularity. In 1930, Walt Disney had a hunch that the world was ready for the first full-length animation feature.

Risking his business, he developed Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, although he knew that no one had ever sat through a feature-length animated film before. Snow White (1937) became a hit, saved Disney's business, and spun off the studio's subsequent animated features. Snow White to this day is a very powerful and emotional film. In fact, so many youngsters at the premiere at Radio City Music Hall wet their pants being frightened by the Wicked Witch's transformation into the ugly, warty apple woman that the cloth seat coverings had to be re-upholstered in leather. Snow White is as compelling today as when it was released 50 years ago. After Snow White came Pinocchio and Fantasia (1940).

Disney's Fantasia is a two-hour concert feature, which took three years and $2.2 million (when the average feature film cost a mere $400,000) to complete. It was the combined brainchild of Walt Disney and famed conductor Leopold Stokowski. A team of Disney animators was ...

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