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Trends Affecting Families & Home Economics

The purpose of this research is to examine trends and issues affecting families, society, and the profession of home economics. The plan of the research will be to set forth significant social, economic, political, technological, and global elements of home economics and the family, and then to describe projections regarding future trends that are likely to emerge. Throughout, reference will be made to the concept of the American Renaissance as a guiding principle of future lines of development.

Observers have charted changes in the issues emphasis that the discipline of home economics has undergone throughout the century. This appears to be attributable in large part to the increasing levels of education and sophistication of the mainstream of the American culture on one hand, and to the growth in the body of scholarly and practitioner knowledge and theory and the sophistication of application on the other. In this connection, Hertzler discusses the frame of reference from which issues surrounding the topic of food and nutrition have been discussed, noting that "[i]n the food and nutrition area of the field of Home Economics, three major interwoven themes have persisted over the century: nutrition science, food science, and nutrition education" (7:71). Inevitably, these themes overlap and converge, not only with one another but also with larger social and economic themes. For example, because of the dramatic change in the daily lives of women, who at the beginning of the century were principally homemakers and toward the end of the century were not only homemakers but breadwinners and careertracked workers in the market at large, the field of home economics has had to embrace not only homemaking but also issues that arise outside of but related to the home. As Naisbitt and Aburdene point out, "since World War II the number of working women has increased 200 percent" (9:217) Moreover, the issues that working women and wo...

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