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An Evaluation of An Elementary After School Program

An Evaluation of An Elementary After School Program

This research study includes an evaluation of an elementary after school program. Research findings have demonstrated that somd students are f`iling to obtain grade-level reading skills by the third grade and this failure can lead to ongoing reading and academic problems. After school programs are being implemented to help students with lower than grade-level reading skills. Evaluation of these programs is needed to determine their effectiveness.

The purpose of this research study is to evaluate an after school program at a local elementary school and determine its effects on reading comprehension for third-grade students. In addition, this evaluation will demonstrate program effectiveness regarding nonacademic goals such as increased student interaction.

The problem is that up to 20% of elementary school children have difficulty mastering literacy skills of reading and spelling (Joshi, Dahlgren, & Boulware-Gooden, 2002). In addition, 74% of those children who are unsuccessful at reading in the third grade are found to be unsuccessful in the ninth grade as well. A lack of grade-level reading skills by the conclusion of third grade compounds as the child progresses through school and can lead to academic failure (Burns,áSenesac, & Symington, 2004). Difficulties in mastering literacy skills may be due to family background, a lack of literacy materials at home, lack of motivation, and cognitive weaknesses. However, study findings have noted that high percentages of school children are failing to acquire literacy skills in the classroom and this is partially due to instruction that is ineffective or insufficient. Poor instruction is more directly related to reading performance in elementary grades than it is in later years (Joshi, et al., 2002).

The National Education Goals Panel of 1999 set a U.S. educational goal that each child is to be reading at grade leve...

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