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Abortion as a Social Issue

Abortion is a very sensitive topic in the United States society. Abortion is the topic of many important lawsuits in the country--from 1973 to the present--being decided by the United States Supreme Court. This research paper will outline the historical background of the abortion problem and discuss abortion as a social issue. The paper will explore the social problems exploited by advocates on the topic. This means (in plain English) that the paper will be based on writings on the subject. The reason of this is: writings on the subject of abortion have very strong ("extreme") emotions behind them. The extreme emotions are the biggest part of the abortion writings from all points of view. Exploiting happens when the writers wish the readers to agree only with what the writers say. The writings do not want the readers to have the opinions against the writings. It does not matter if the emotions are "pro choice," "pro life," or "anti-choice." This paper will evaluate the advocacy positions by all sides. This means (in plain English) that the paper will tell and explain writings which are "pro choice," "anti choice," and "pro life" in the ideas they support. By analyzing the abortion problem, the paper will predict possible solutions to resolve abortion conflicts (if any).

In America, abortion is legal. But the abortion debate is loud and strong. That is because some people think abortion should not be legal and some people think abortion should be legal. Hundreds of abortion laws are introduced in the United States every year. This happens in the Congress. This also happens in state legislatures of the nation (Tonn, 1996). In the United States, the Supreme Court says which laws are settled. This is done by Supreme Court decisions on legal court cases. Supreme Court decisions are final because the Supreme Court is the "highest in the land" (Supreme Court, 1975, p. 324). This is true in spite of Congress's laws. This is also true of abo...

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