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INTRODUCTION. There is no more divisive social subject in America than abortion. Despite the Supreme Court's Roe vs. Wade decision to "legalize" the woman's right to choose an abortion, as more and more conservative Christians join the mainstream, there are not merely vocal but also physical antagonisms on the subject. Doctors have been killed, clinics fire-bombed, and confrontations between the two "sides" have seldom ended peacefully. As a young woman, I am vitally concerned not so much with legal or political judgments, but the moral one.

PRO CHOICE. Many women still believe they have a right to choose whether to have an abortion or not. The deem it is their Constitutional as well as moral right to make decisions regarding their own bodies. Why do some women choose abortion? It is often an economic choice. Families are already too large. Income is not sufficient to raise a child. There are also conditions of emotional problems: unmarried women, especially teen-agers who have had unprotected sex and know that the father is neither willing nor able to help support the child, and that the teen's parents would be (or are) mortified at the pregnancy. Incest and rape also figure in the decision to abort.

PRO LIFE The key word here is "life". While there may be medical and theological arguments about when life begins, the fact is an abortion usually takes place (or is decided on) when the fetus is already a living "thing". No, not a "thing" a human being. Except in some exceptional cases, abortion is considered murder. Surely, there would be families willing and emotionally as well as financially able to raise a child unwanted by its natural birth-mother. It happens all the time. There can be no fair reason for aborting lifer that has already begun. It would be considered an act of inhumanity.

There are rational ideas on both sides of the abortion argument. Yes, a woman has a right to choose, but on the other hand the cho


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