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A Career in Pharmacy

Becoming a licensed pharmacist and participating in a doctoral education program in this field has been a long-term dream for me. Pharmacists, as the U.S. Department of Labor (2003) has commented, have myriad work opportunities and serve an important function in the American healthcare system; in research laboratories, in clinical settings, and in private sector commercial establishments, pharmacists work to ensure that medications and therapies provided for patients are appropriate and likely to be beneficial.

A career in this field can lead to many interesting opportunities to be of service to the public. Pharmacists are responsible, regardless of their specific employment setting or role, for the accuracy of every prescription that is filled. Whether working in a hospital or a retail establishment, it is the responsibility of the pharmacist to supervise dispensing of medications, educating consumers, and maintaining accurate records (U.S. Department of Labor, 2003). Consequently, the position of the pharmacist is challenging and demanding, calling for dedication and a high set of educational and performance standards as well as attention to ethical codes.

Obtaining a doctoral degree in this field is essential if one is to be able to serve the public appropriately. It is my hope that by admission to a doctoral program and completion of this degree. I will have obtained both the practical and theoretical knowledge needed to work effectively in the field. I would hope that my career would allow me to work in a research setting as well as a clinical practice.

Today, pharmacists are becoming more and more actively involved in drug therapy decision-making and patient counseling (U.S. Department of Labor, 2003). The conventional image of the pharmacists as a white-coated professional whose role in the healthcare system is limited to dispending prescription medications is no longer fully accurate. The c


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