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Movies, TV and their Consequences

Arguments over the effects of the movies and television have been around as long as these two modes of expression. Because they are visual, they are treated somewhat differently than the written word. Because television comes into the home, it is treated somewhat differently from any other medium, including radio which, while it comes into the home, does not bring pictures with it. Television knows the power of the image, and critics of television are aware that the image can be a negative force as well as a positive one. Precisely how to gauge this and to ascertain when the image is too negative is at the center of the issue at hand. The issue of violence on television has been raised in the past and is once more being given considerable attention in the media, by congress, and in the public at large. At the same time, the scope of complaint this time is directed not just at violent entertainment shows but also at the way the network presents the news. While it may be true that the greatest offenders are the local news programs, we have to recognize that viewers do not always make a distinction between what is of local origination and what is from the ABC network. Care must be taken in addressing the issue today given the amount of concern expressed, the draconian measures that might be developed if the problem continues, and the reaction of the public whatever the network decides to do. As governmental leaders consider whether to regulate violence on television, the people have to ask themselves whether they want such regulation or whether it would go against some of their most cherished beliefs and freedoms.

One of the driving forces behind the current concerns over televised violence is the fact that the public perceives American society as itself becoming more violent. It may be that some people concerned about the growing violence in society are seeking a reason, or perhaps a scapegoat, to explain this development....

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