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Terms of Endearment This paper begins with an outline of th

This paper begins with an outline of the movie Terms of Endearment, describing the main characters and events of the movie, and its main theme, which is the mother/daughter relationship of the two principal characters, Aurora and Emma. The filmÆs climax is the death of Emma from cancer. A background section on the art of the film follows. The paper then goes on to describe the illness portrayed in the film, and assesses its effects on the main characters in the story, with support from the relevant literature. A description is given of the interventions portrayed in the movie in terms of treatment of the illness, and social support for the patient and family, which is not very evident in the film. Everyone seems to accept what is happening without much emotion or disruption of their lives. The only change to take place is who is going to raise the children after the patient dies. A critical analysis follows which looks at the interventions, or rather the lack thereof, used in the film, and what an appropriate course of action would have been for a cancer patient and her family facing terminal illness. In identifying and evaluating the outcomes of the intervention suggested, the only real change which needed to be made was in preparing the children for their motherÆs death, since everyone else seems to have accepted the outcome as given, and none of them appear to need any assistance in dealing with it in their own ways.

Terms of Endearment won the Best Picture Oscar for 1983, Shirley MacLaine won the Best Actress Oscar for her role in the film, and Jack Nicholson won Best Supporting Oscar for his role (Pandemonium, 2001). It is a story based mainly on the mother/daughter, love/hate relationship of the main characters, Aurora (Shirley MacLaine) and her daughter, Emma (Debra Winger). Aurora is a possessive, neurotic mother, who we see at the beginning of the movie, so over-protective about her only child that she tri...

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