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Why I came to America: A personal essay

Although the school education I received in Korea provided me with a solid academic foundation, it was clearly only the beginning of my lifelong learning journey. Even during my junior and senior high school years, I sensed that my personal growth would depend upon the strength of my motivation to seek out the best possible educational opportunities, wherever they occur in the world.

I compare the process of my transition from the Korean education system to the American one to the grafting of a tree. Healthy, well-formed fruits can flourish only after a new branch has been introduced to the existing tree. In the same way, my educational experience needs exposure to the fresh, fertile influence of the American education system and its institutions.

At present, I believe my development is at the stage of accepting the transition between the experiences I encountered in Korea and the new opportunities presented to me in America. For many reasons, the learning experiences available in Korea will not reflect the various methodologies, rationales or activities offered in America.

My life has been a series of interesting challenges, and as the child of immigrant parents, I have been exposed to some practical and cultural obstacles which have threatened to prevent my ongoing education. However, I believe that with the intellectual nourishment, structural support and encouragement of personal goals provided by this school, I will begin to see the fruits of my diverse educational experiences. I hope that I will be given the opportunity to begin this new leg of the journey.


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