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Consequences of the Threat of War

The Earth contains over six billion people and of these approximately 240 million are attempting to flee war, persecution poverty, and environmental degradation (Flynn, 2002). While progress has been made, turbulence continues in the Middle East, Africa, the Andean nations, South and Central Asia, and parts of Southeast Asia. Problems need to be resolved to end mass destruction and terrorist attacks (Crocker, 2003).

People are on the move to escape war. On this list are distinguished physicists who served to fight the spread of war with the production of atomic bombs and nuclear weapons. By the end of Word War II, Europe contained over 40 million displaced persons (Flynn, 2002). Today the United States continues to exist in a dangerous world (Weidenbaum, 1997). The end of the Cold War began a new phase in politics but armed camps continue to exist. Economic and political conflicts are common among major nations of the world and problems of poverty and starvation continue. People continue to fight to gain economic development and political freedom (Binyan, 1993). While the United States defense industry has adjusted to the end of the Cold War and remains technically strong and financially healthy, it continues to face threats to national security ahead. Soviet missiles and bombers may no longer be aimed at the United States, but the SovietÆs level of technology remains a concern as is the development of high-tech equipment in other nations such as attack and fighter aircraft and tanks, and helicopters. In addition, biological weapons that are easy to manufacture, transport, and disseminate, are a growing concern. For example, anthrax can be carried in a small suitcase and kill hundreds of thousands of people or it can be sprayed from a crop duster killing even more (Weidenbaum, 1997). While the United States maintains efforts toward the building of an adequate defense industry to deal with threats of war, methods to r...

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