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Pop Music

There are many types of music I appreciate, including rock, jazz, and pop, but when it comes to choosing the type of music I most prefer it is pop music. I am able to justify my preference for pop music in a number of ways which this essay will address. The main justifications for me personally are its vibrant icons who serve as role models, its upbeat energy, and its contemporary tendency to involve hip-hop music which I find extremely positive in outlook.

I justify my preference for pop music because of its vibrant icons who often serve as role models for me. When I was younger, the pop music of Britney Spears served to inspire me to achieve my own goals. It was useful for me in making me feel like I was worthwhile and that I could overcome challenges in life. As a female and successful entrepreneur, I see Britney Spears as a role model for young women in a male dominated society. As Freydkin (2002, p. C12) says of SpearsÆ image, ôItÆs all about having fun.ö

Another reason I enjoy pop music more than other types of music is because of its upbeat energy. Pop songs from Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Eminem, and many, many others are high energy songs that motivate me to perform tasks in my own life, from cleaning my room to working out. I find other genres not well-suited for this kind of benefit. However, a song like EminemÆs Oscar winning ôLose Yourselfö is something that feeds me energy I work off of for long periods of time in achieving my own goals.

Finally, if Britney SpearsÆ image is mainly about ôfun,ö then I enjoy pop music because it provides me with great fun. From dancing and singing to popular songs with my friends at parties or driving in the car to listening to hip-hop music that makes me feel joy, I get a great deal of pleasure out of pop music that is something jazz or hard rock does not provide me with. TodayÆs pop music scene is permeated by hip-hop music, a blend of pop and reggae t...

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