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The Rainbow

The expression ôThere is no kindness in LawrenceÆs characters, no tendernessàö is not supported from my reading of The Rainbow. For in The Rainbow, the strongest bond that unites generations of family and community stems from tenderness, unspoken as it may be. But if it is an unspoken tenderness it is because in the Brangwen family both the male and female characters think one thing while saying another and think one thing while feeling another. For example, Tom is said to ôlove anyone who could convey enlightenment to him through feelingö even if such feelings cause irrational passions in him just as his reading of Shelley and his relationship with Lydia do (Lawrence 2004). Thus far from lacking feeling and tenderness, LawrenceÆs characters are often passionately driven by them.

If observers find LawrenceÆs characters lacking in kindness or tenderness, it is because his characters quite often experience multiple feelings, emotions, and thoughts that are often left unexpressed even if they drive their actions. We see an unspoken tenderness that bonds the BrangwenÆs from one generation to another, while we see the patterns of relationships between males and females mirrors one generation to the next. This is true with respect to the relationship between Will and Anna and the one between Tom and Lydia. Anna refuses to accept a position as inferior to men. Lawrence uses Christian mythology, from which such values stem, to demonstrate this. As she says when she sees WillÆs Adam and Eve figure, ôShe is like a marionette. Why is she so mall? It is impudence to say that Woman was made out of ManÆs body when every man is born of woman. What impudence men have, what arroganceö (Lawrence 2004). In contrast, we see that despite being the position as head of the family and household, Will does exhibit tenderness and kindness toward Anna, even if such emotions and feelings are often left unspoken. For we see him admi...

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