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We gather here today not to mourn the loss of a life but to celebrate a life well lived. For those of you fortunate enough to know Dan well, you know that his life represented a journey of curious discovery consumed by an unquenchable thirst to question and explore life (Questionare). As a successful author, Dan was not only creative but committed to sharing his considerable knowledge with others. DanÆs knowledge was not only information learned from his academic and book learning. Rather Dan was committed to testing, shaping, and refining that knowledge through a vast number of experiences û from his travels around the world to his visit with the Dali Lama (Dimostrazione).

Dan achieved many things during the course of his life, which he viewed as a spiritual journey. Whether he was tackling a new degree in college, embarking on a journey to Tibet, or attempting to publish his creative writing, Dan never shied away from the uncertainties or ambiguities life presents us all (Sfumato). Dan was a devoted artist, sacrificing his life to achieve a successful publishing career. His travels around the globe often served as the basis for his imaginative and wondrous stories of different peoples, places, and things. His practice of Zen was aimed at not only providing him with a strong spiritual base but also a healthy and balanced body and mind. Dan became enamored with Zen at an early age, believing that many religions are separatist in nature and often create conflict. He wholeheartedly embraced the concepts within Zen, particularly the interconnectedness of all things, people, and phenomena (Connessione). Whether he was appreciating the beauty of the flowers in his beloved garden or helping the less fortunate in his community, DanÆs devotion to Zen was something he lived.

The meditation involved in Zen was very important to Dan. He believed that in order to become part of the universal energy flow of all things, an ind...

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