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The Life of Henry VIII

To better understand the life of EnglandÆs King Henry VIII, one of the most famous and infamous of monarchs in history, the times into which he was born must be understood. Like his father, Henry VII, Henry VIII reigned during the transition from Medieval England to Renaissance England. The advent of the printing press, the rise of skepticism, the move toward secularism, and unprecedented scientific experiment were responsible for rapidly changing ideas. They were also the cause of some of the greatest conflicts of the sixteenth century. According to one biographer, ô[Henry VIII] was a victim of his times. The 16th century was a confusing mass of changing loyalties, betrayals, near-constant fighting, and most importantly, a rising skepticism of that great institution of the fading medieval world, the Roman Catholic church.ö Henry VIII was considered one of the most educated as well as eventually one of the most brutal Kings of England. His six marriages resulted in two divorces, one publicly humiliating rejection, two beheadings and a final lasting union between Henry VIII and Katherine Parr, who survived after his death with their marriage intact. This biography will touch upon some of the most successful and disastrous events in the life of Henry VIII.

King Henry VII had groomed his eldest son, Arthur, to become the next King of England, while Henry was groomed to become the highest church official in England. Such intentions illustrate why Henry VIII would eventually have the knowledge and understanding of the Catholic church to challenge its authority; he had been groomed as a student of theology during the first decade of his life. When Arthur died unexpectedly, young Henry at eighteen years of age became the King of England a year later when Henry VII died. Tall, slim and skilled in athletics as well as highly educated, the proclamation of Henry VIII on April 22, 1509, held great promise for the English, man...

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