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Theme Park in India

The dollar amount of the investment project in terms of the initial development cost would be approximately $2.1 billion. This figure is based on several factors, the first being the cost of DisndyÆs Asian theme park located in Hong Kong, which cost $3.5 billion. The cost differential between China and India is large, because both labor and technology cost less in India. A non-Disney entertainment park, referred to in a news item as a ômega entertainment-cum-commercial project,ö currently being built in Jodhpur carries a price tag of $55 million. This figure does not include the land, which has already been acquired. Although this center includes a number of amenities, such as a film city, a luxury hotel, a multiplex, an amusement park, a club house, a meditation center, a safari park, a residential complex, and a commercial complex, it is not exactly a theme park. It does serve as a good rough comparison, however, since Disney theme parks include those amenities and much more.

Many of the costs of a Disney theme park are related to animation. Animation costs in India are far lower than elsewhere. In fact, Disneyùalong with other entertainment industry giants like Imax, Warner Brothers, and Sonyùare all signing huge contracts with Indian animation companies to outsource animation and special effects. P. Jayakumar, Chief Executive Officer of Toonz Animation, states that India has become an outsourcing hub for animation films for three primary reasons. First, ôIndia has a vast base of English-speaking workforce.ö Second, India has the second largest entertainment industry in the world, after Hollywood; ôanimation studios in the country provide a large supply of low-cost high-quality software engineers.ö Also, many Indian animation companies have set up high-tech studios with state-of-the-art hardware and software specifically for executing overseas projects. Third, the cost of animation services in India is very...

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