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Application Essay

As an individual with high personal academic standards, I bring academic integrity and purpose to the table. I attended an excellent college-preparatory school with a rigorous academic program. Because I wanted to sharpen my skills even further, however, I went beyond the required program to complete an additional post-graduate year. I tend to think outside the box and work beyond the minimum requirements because I possess a willingness to challenge myself and a desire to accomplish great things.

My African-American heritage enriches my life and puts the stamp of ethnic distinctiveness on my cultural preferences and perspectives. I also believe it has been pivotal in influencing me to demonstrate excellence in everything I do.

Although I devote considerable time to my studies, I like to take breaks and spend time getting to know other students. Interacting with others and lending a helping hand from time to time allows me to balance my social life with my academic life. I enjoy experiencing the cultural backgrounds and opinions of a variety of people as well as sharing my own, and that has added a greater dimension of fun and satisfaction to my school years.

Finally, I am loyal. School spirit is important to me, and I intend to be not just a temporary participant but a lifelong fan of my school. I expect that some of my college friendships will last for a lifetime, so I plan to stay involved with school on some level as well.


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