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Alcoholism as an Addictive Disease

II. Introduction - Alcoholism as an addictive disease.

A. Classification of disease of alcoholism

B. Significance to field of theology

A. Alcoholism can be controlled

C. Using results of study in ministerial counseling

Alcoholism is a primary disease that is a major problem in the United States because alcoholics endanger themselves and society. Alcoholism follows a characteristic course with known physical, psychological and social symptoms. Once addicted, the alcoholic continues to consume alcohol despite the destructive consequences.

The definitions of an alcoholic, alcoholism, alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence are constantly being refined and changing according to the purpose of the definition. An alcoholic can be typed by more than one set of criteria: genetic, habitual, and behavioral. All definitions of alcohol include the knowledge that the individual must have a preoccupation with the substance and use of the drug alcohol. In all cases, alcoholics must continue to use the substance even though they are aware that continued use of alcohol is harming them. The abuse of alcohol causes problems for all members of the family, and can be viewed as a public health problem as well. When the genetic component is present, the alcoholic individual exhibits other abnormal behavior and mental traits. These individuals find it difficult to abstain from the use of alcohol and even when sober exhibit difficulty with some mental tasks. On the other hand, alcoholics who have developed a dependence on alcohol through habitual usage, have less trouble becoming and remaining sober. Introduction

The purpose of this project is to gain insight into the problem of alcoholism, its effect on the alcoholic and impact on society. Alcoholism is also a significant topic for the field of theology, which has as its concern the spiritual health of the individual. In my capacity as a Baptis...

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