Social Class and Ethnic Status and Personality

The following research is on the subject of the inter-relation of personality with social class and ethnic status. The personality of the individual is determined by a number of factors. There is first of all an apparent mechanism within the individual which causes the personality to develop along certain lines according to age. There are variations within certain parameters, and in part other factors affect those distinctions. The environment is another important factor in the development of personality, and this includes experiences which help to shape individual differences. Freud first focused on the similarities in the development of the personalities of all when he discussed the familial factors which were seen as so important in the development of the mental life of the person. Social class and race are also important factors in the development of the personality, though their contribution is not always recognized. Lidz (1968) notes that certain child-rearing techniques, personality traits, or prejudices are attributed to idiosyncracies of the individual, but they are in fact residues of ethnic differences or characteristics of social class differences. He notes a number of examples: A husband might confess that he had never seen his wife in the nude, and the physician might take this to indicate extreme inhibition on the part of the wife; however, the lower-class husband of Polish origin would be shocked if his wife ever undressed in his presence. A woman fr



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