Gay and Lesbian Marriages

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This research examines the subject of gay and lesbian marriages. The research will set forth a working definition of the subject and then make a balanced presentation of the issue fronts involved in advocacy and opposition to it, with a view, however, toward demonstrating the basis for support for such marriages as a matter of sanctioned public policy.

Background for discourse of same-sex marriage can be dated from 1969, the year of the now-famous Stonewall riot in New York City, which fostered a generation of social activism and group advocacy on the part of homosexuals. Massachusetts US Representative Barney Frank, a self-identified homosexual, has been quoted on the issue in this way: "I don't understand how it hurts anybody else if two people want to be legally . . . responsible for each other" (Pearcey & Colson, 1996, p. 104). Pearcey and Colson, who oppose homosexual marriage chiefly on religious grounds, note that private acceptance of homosexuals "is not the same thing as normalizing homosexuality by granting homosexuals a legal right to the public institution of marriage" (p. 104). Arguments for and against same-sex marriage made on religious grounds alone appear to be irreconcilable. Accordingly, the focus herein is on civil marriage.

Arguments against homosexual marriage cite cross-cultural historical universality of marriage as an organizing principle of social and personal companionship, procreation, sexual activity, care, education, and inheritance rights of c

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