Importance of Accuracy of Data Input

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1.Accuracy of data input is important.What method of data input (including input device) would be best for each of the following situations and explain why: Printed questionnaires, Telephone survey, Bank checks, Retail tags, Long documents

Printed questionnaires: A scanning device coupled with optical mark recognition (OMR) software is the best method to assure accuracy when entering data from printed questionnaires. OMR accuracy can suffer if respondents do not exercise care in completing the forms.

Telephone survey: The best data input method is to record the responses of the interviewee with a voice recognition device and voice recognition software that stores the information directly on to a computer hard disk. This approach assures accuracy by eliminating the potential for human recording errors. Translation errors may occur, however, if the voice recognition software is not adjusted for the speech of the interviewees.

Bank checks: The best input device to collect, enter, and store data from bank checks is a magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) device. These devices are designed to recognize the magnetic coding placed on bank checks.

Retail tags: Bar code scanners offer the most accurate way to collect and store data from retail tags. These devices can read the retail tags and send the data directly to a storage device.

Long documents: A character scanning device coupled with optical character recognition (OCR) software is the most efficient and the most

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