Essay on Spare Time

When I was a kid, I would get a new toy and play with it until it broke. We know we are growing up because it takes longer and longer for us to break our toys, but we can manage it if we keep at it. Anyway, for Christmas one year I was given a football game that consisted of a football field with a vibrator beneath it. You would set the players out on the field and turn on the vibrator, and everyone would seem to run around for a minute, usually in the wrong direction. It was soon evident to this youngster that this mechanism only pretended to be like a real football game, and this created in me that most vital of American attitudes, dissatisfaction. The more our toys can do, the more dissatisfied we are that they cannot do more.

When we are children our toys are meant to fill time, to give us something to do. As we grow older, our toys have a different purpose--they are meant to save us time and give us more leisure to buy more toys and get more leisure. However, this noble effort is not working as well as it once did, and I have noted that the toys we have today take away more time than they save.

Your spare time is valuable, whether you know it or not. First, you are not likely to have too much of it, so you do not want to waste what you have. Second, there are a large number of entities appealing for you to spend you spare time with them--everything from television and radio to the 7-11, the local pool hall, video games, and much more, and obvio



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