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Human Resources Management Responsibilities

This study examined the human resources management responsibilities of organizational line managers. The human resources component of modern American organizations cannot be managed at optimum levels of productivity without the active and meaningful participation of the operational managers within an organization. This study described and explained the role of the operational manager in the effective management of an organization's human resources. Use of the findings of this research study will help prepare operational managers to develop individual managerial strategies that will enhance their capacities to contribute to the most productive use of their organizations' human resources.

In relation to organizational communications, it was found that a major problem confronting many, perhaps most, organizations concerns the attitudes and perceptions of rankandfile employees toward both organizational management and toward the organization. Poor attitudes are most the result of incorrect perceptions, and incorrect perceptions are almost always the result of ineffective organizational communications. Problems in this context exist for organizations in terms of both knowing what employees are thinking and why they are thinking it.

It was also found that employee perceptions and misperceptions of management polices and actions are not the only way in which employee attitudes affect an organization's performance. The attitude of employees toward work holds implications for motivational strategies. The expectations of employees affect (1) their perceptions of managerial policies and actions, and (2) the level of support they may be expected to give to organizational objectives.

The degree to which employees accept authority is a crucial factor affecting organizational performance. It is essential for organizational management to have accurate insights into employee attitudes towards organizational authority. In many contem...

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